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There is information hidden behind every NovaCode. If you have found one of our codes you can use our mobile apps to scan the code and gather the information, which the author has put behind it.


What is NovaCode?

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NovaCode system is designed to provide public with an extended alternative to the QR-Code. While QR-Codes can only store text, the improved NovaCode can store images, videos, appointments, contacts and much more.

If you find one of our NovaCodes, you can use our mobile apps to scan it and gather the information behind it. They can be used completely free and without creating an account. You can test them by scanning the code near this text. By creating an account on this website you can create your own free NovaCode-Articles. After creation they can easily be downloaded and printed. For a small fee, users are entitled to modify the design of their NovaCodes. Colors and logos can be edited for printable NovaCodes.

How do I create a NovaCode?

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1 Sign up

First you have to sign up to be able to create and manage your articles.

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2 Create

Now you can create your own articles using texts, images or videos.

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3 Print

Finally you can download and print your NovaCode for others to scan.

Where can I use NovaCodes?

Usecase Icon Mister Fisher wants to alter information on his business card.
He creates a NovaCode containing the information of his business card. He can change this NovaCode anytime afterwards. Usecase Icon
Usecase Icon When someone scans his NovaCode, the information he entered will be displayed.
Usecase Icon Mister Miller wants to share his learning contents with his pupils in a flexible and fast way.
He creates a NovaCode and uploads his PDF-documents. He can reupload them anytime afterwards. Usecase Icon
Usecase Icon His pupils can view the latest PDF-documents anytime after scanning the NovaCode.


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